What is the Best Ceramic Flat Iron For Hair – Confused by Too Many Choices?

I must begin this article by saying that I cannot remember my life before I had my flat iron or irons. I own several. One for home, one for travel and one I carry around in my purse. Am I a little obsessive? Yes I have to admit, I am deeply attached to my hair straighteners.

My love affair began at a mall in Queens, New York where I was visiting family. As I was walking by a store, a sales lady approached me and asked if she could do a demo on my hair. Now my hair is extremely thick and coarse and nothing on this planet could tame my hair. That is until I had a taste of the Chi Ceramic Flat Iron.

I could not believe the results – absolutely fabulous. I should have just purchased the Chi, but the $100 plus price tag was more than I wanted to pay.

I was thrilled the next day when I found one at the drug store for $29. More in my price range for a hair care product. Needless to say, I will not bore you with details, but my continued use of the drug store flat iron eventually took its toll.

My hair went from shiny to dry and badly damaged. Eventually it looked like straw. The cost of restoring my hair – from conditioners and treatments to hair cuts, was more that the price of 3 professional flat irons.

What I learned from all this will hopefully benefit you.

So what makes the professional hair straighteners so special? The answer is simple. It’s in the heating elements or the plates. The drug store version has a ceramic coated plate but is really made from aluminum. The heat does not distribute evenly and the temperature cannot really be controlled. As a result it becomes hard on hair folicles and this causes damage to the hair.

The professional ones, on the other hand, also have ceramic coated plates, but it has something called negative ions built in as well. What does this mean? Well our hair is naturally positively charged, causing hair cuticles to open up which makes it hard to style and sometimes results in dull and lifeless looking hair. The negative ions cancel positive electrical charges allowing hair to become smooth, silky and shiny. The other benefit is that it also relaxes and repairs your hair

This is the key to why you want to opt for the professional flat irons. The top brands insure that the heat penetrates the hair from the inside without damaging the outside. It is worth the investment.

Merit of Using Article Marketing Software to Drive Free Traffic

There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to automating your marketing software and free advertisement. The advocates of automated marketing software think that sufficient software can simplify and make a business run smoother to get more profit. By employing the proper article marketing software, the entrepreneur can invest more time to other tasks because the software will be the one who will streamline the processes, check collaboration and update the content of the program. The view from those that prefer to get web traffic from free advertising methods believe that they can better target their customer by manually driving traffic to their sites.

The critics on the other hand believe that most automated marketing software is not required by those people who are engrossed in driving PPC traffic completely ignore any type of article marketing. Some people may find other software more affordable and efficient but these products are mere imitation from the original software.

Automated software marketers users may benefit from it because it can supply a lot of income. Many believe that someone who is still new in the article marketing business must not risk getting his or her feet wet without any appropriate tools and components. One should look for the appropriate article marketing software that will help jump start a career. The article marketing software you should choose must be efficient, supportive and relevant to one’s needs. Because of computerized the automated process, software like this can provide the users convenience and free traffic. You can also see if there are any tutorials given and a customer hot line is one call away. To make sure that you get the proper software, you should inspect if it is in harmony to your interests and it must be recommended and testified legit by many.

Research on them particularly the end products of the software promises and the parameters it covers. Lastly, make certain that the price is not beyond your budget. Marketing software critics believed that one could learn about producing free traffic with article marketing online by reading up on articles and web logs. By doing so, a person should not require article marketing software to generate money. All it takes is an innovative, imaginative and creative philosophy, and a complete awareness of affiliate marketing and interesting web log.

If you are taking into the thought buying article marketing software for its many uses, you have to be sure that you will not shell out too much money and it must guarantee an efficient free traffic results due to its automation convenience. It’s best to be accountable for your success than software, so make time and read blogs and articles about the success and failures of those who went into this dealing.

More Than 6 Popular Free Google Products and Services for Your Business

Google has developed free products and services for consumers as well as businesses. They offer these items as incentives to potentially use “paid for” services like traffic and lead generation via paid ads in their Google AdSense program.

Delve into what some of their more popular services like Google maps, Google search, YouTube, Google Analytics, Gmail and Google+ to learn more about what they can do for your business. For instance, note the following points:

1. Google Maps is a service application and technology that offers satellite imagery, local street maps as well as route planners, links to public transportation, businesses and entertainment. Maps can be used as a tool to find new customers, locate office space, travel in different cities and a myriad of other map-type functions. Use these on desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and other devices.

2. Use Google Search and the Chrome browser. They are free search tools, and Google has invested billions keeping these on top of the free search line-up.

3. Google’s YouTube is one of the most viable marketing tools on the Internet. It is a search engine utilized by over 1 billion unique users each month. Reportedly, over 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, and the number of subscriptions runs into the millions daily.

4. Google Analytics is free to business owners and individual site owners who want to follow organic search referral traffic, analyze clicks and visits, as well as set up charts and budgets. Analytics make it possible to determine where your marketing strategies are paying off.

5. Gmail is a free advertising email service that uses secure webmail and POP3 or IMAP4 protocols. Currently, Gmail is among the most highly used web-based email providers. There are over 500 million users’ worldwide taking advantage of this free Google service. Businesses can also take advantage of Gmail Labs that allows bookmarking of important email messages and using custom keyboard shortcuts.

6. Google+ is a social networking application. It requires registration and currently over 500 million active users are listed on Google+. Utilizing Google+ as a business tools gives direct ownership of web content plus interoperability with YouTube comments.

There are many other free Google services out there like their Calendar that you can sync with smartphone Google Calendars for easy planning and date management. Take advantage of Google Drive, too, and share files and folders across multiple platforms and among multiple users. And keep up with the latest Google News to find not only worldwide announcements of interest, but even local and company specific info about all types of areas of interest.

Want to learn which of the above free products and services can help your business and how to take advantage of them? Get help from virtual assistants, aka personal assistants. No need to go Google all alone!