What is the Best Ceramic Flat Iron For Hair – Confused by Too Many Choices?

I must begin this article by saying that I cannot remember my life before I had my flat iron or irons. I own several. One for home, one for travel and one I carry around in my purse. Am I a little obsessive? Yes I have to admit, I am deeply attached to my hair straighteners.

My love affair began at a mall in Queens, New York where I was visiting family. As I was walking by a store, a sales lady approached me and asked if she could do a demo on my hair. Now my hair is extremely thick and coarse and nothing on this planet could tame my hair. That is until I had a taste of the Chi Ceramic Flat Iron.

I could not believe the results – absolutely fabulous. I should have just purchased the Chi, but the $100 plus price tag was more than I wanted to pay.

I was thrilled the next day when I found one at the drug store for $29. More in my price range for a hair care product. Needless to say, I will not bore you with details, but my continued use of the drug store flat iron eventually took its toll.

My hair went from shiny to dry and badly damaged. Eventually it looked like straw. The cost of restoring my hair – from conditioners and treatments to hair cuts, was more that the price of 3 professional flat irons.

What I learned from all this will hopefully benefit you.

So what makes the professional hair straighteners so special? The answer is simple. It’s in the heating elements or the plates. The drug store version has a ceramic coated plate but is really made from aluminum. The heat does not distribute evenly and the temperature cannot really be controlled. As a result it becomes hard on hair folicles and this causes damage to the hair.

The professional ones, on the other hand, also have ceramic coated plates, but it has something called negative ions built in as well. What does this mean? Well our hair is naturally positively charged, causing hair cuticles to open up which makes it hard to style and sometimes results in dull and lifeless looking hair. The negative ions cancel positive electrical charges allowing hair to become smooth, silky and shiny. The other benefit is that it also relaxes and repairs your hair

This is the key to why you want to opt for the professional flat irons. The top brands insure that the heat penetrates the hair from the inside without damaging the outside. It is worth the investment.